Symbol therapy

Christer Sundqvist

Symbol therapy is a collective name for understanding the nonverbal within us and in communicating with others.


By working with, for example, dreams, painting, fairy tales and stories, symbolic frames, myths and dance, we get powerful tools to change our lives. When working with inner images you bravely step up paths in your inner unknown forest, making it more accessible.


When painting, it is not a question of painting consciously and planned. You don’t paint art to sell. But you let the hand lead to express what is felt in the body.


When writing, you do not write to perform a grammatically and stylistically correct text. You write it as intuitively as possible.


When you dance you do not strive for correct choreography. You let the body move according to your feelings.


Suddenly you start to get perspective on what is happening. Old thought patterns begin to collapse. And without understanding why, you suddenly begin to feel better.

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