Cancer is defeatable

Christer Sundqvist

Cancer has been nested into our health conversation as the final roadmap to death. This is not the whole truth. Not all cancers are fatal. In fact, there is currently a perception that cancer is a very individual disease. Every cancer is different and progresses or stops growing, maybe even leaves our body in a completely individual way. This makes individual treatment of cancer so challenging.


The book “Ja syöpä vain hävisi” (Cancer just disappeared) (Atar, 2020) is an in-depth explanation of how serious illness revolutionizes cancersurvivors Sven Erik Nordin’s understanding of the means available to cancer. Nordin wrote a book about these findings, which has now been translated into Finnish. Getting to know the author’s findings is a fascinating thing.


Six years later, Sven Erik Nordin is still alive and he is well. Doctors say he has no cancer. He managed to overcome his cancer with the methods he himself discovered.


The author is happy and grateful that he recovered from cancer despite all poor predictions in a way that doctors explained was impossible. At the same time, he is sad, frustrated, angry, and desperate for all those who do not get this opportunity. The true story of pro-life Nordin is a useful guide for all of us. The book opens up opportunities for us all to become experts in our own illness if we so wish, and to experience a potentially miraculous recovery of it.



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