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Petra Flander

27.6.1973 - 02.05.2002

When the doctors told me that they could no longer cure my cancer and asked me to go home and die, I first felt totally crippled, helpless, alone ... But then I started googling online and realized that the race was not at all over. In a few weeks, my family and I gathered a lot of knowledge about alternative care methods and about things I could do for myself.

I got the joy back, I got hope and above all I got calm. That's when I made the decision, when I get well, to open an information office for other cancer patients, so they wouldn't have to search for information like me and my family had done. It is this very material you now have in front of you. On this website you will find much of what I did myself, but much more. Here is the latest research and the latest articles in integrative care, where conventional medicine and alternative medicine meet. In addition, here are several examples and links to people who recovered against all odds.

I died on May 2, 2002. But maybe I would have lived if I had access to all that is now included here. I dare to believe it...

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Fight your cancer yourself!

WE ARE FIGHTING, SUPPORTING, HELPING, ENCOURAGING, ASSISTING AND WINNING   Petrafoundation is based upon the principle of fighting cancer independently, utilizing Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Medicine. Our mission is to support you in your battle against cancer, and to give you hope by showing you alternative ways when conventional medicine cannot help you anymore. Our goal is to assist your fight against cancer, and encourage you to reach a life of improved quality. Perhaps ...

Our mission...

...is to support You in your fight against cancer, and to give you hope by showing you new ways when the traditional medicine cannot help You anymore. Our goal is help You to live an improved quality of life and to win your battle.

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Healing and reiki

HEALING AND REIKI Reiki is the most widely used healing tradition and the one that can also be demonstrated to show scientifically measurable effects, because touching the patient provides stress reduction, relieves pain, and activates a well-being hormone, oxytocin.   Rei...

The role of visualization in cancer

Visualization is a relaxation technique related to meditation. In the visualization you imagine being in an environment that increases your well-being. It differs from meditation by focusing on positive images to overcome negative emotions and to master your stress.   You sit or li...

Psychosynthesis and conversation therapy

Psychosynthesis is a form of therapy with a focus on self-realization. It is also a doctrine of love that accepts us as we are and attracts what we can become, our potential.   The human being consists of the body, soul, emotion and the intellect. The different parts are in intimat...