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We have the much appreciated permission to deliver select cancer survival stories from the Radical Remission project to our readers. Radical remissions are rare, but give much hope to those living with a cancer. The site is operated by doctor Kelly Turner. Link:


Linda’s story

In 2014, Linda received a phone call from her doctor with news no one ever wants to hear, ”Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing we feared; you have advanced Stage 4 metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.”


After some conventional treatment, Linda decided to take her health into her own hands by pursuing alternative care and positivity.


A lot has transpired since the phone call. Linda got some conventional treatment, lots of alternative care and tons of positive inputs in her life such as grandkids, supportive family members, meaningful service, all the remission factors and a continuation of her vigorous tennis schedule.


Linda credits all of the radical remission factors for her radiant health. With regards to deepening her spiritual connection, she feels like this is the true key to healing. She eats approximately 7 cups of greens per day and skips meat, wheat, sweets, dairy and a few other things. She supplements with trace minerals and other agents.


With regards to having strong reasons for living, she completely adores her husband, kids and grandkids, her sisters, mother and brother and so many other fantastic friendly folks.


Positive feelings

With regards to emotional health, Linda has diligently attempted to deal with her negative feelings (guilt, shame, remorse, fear) and create more opportunities for positive ones to flood in every day. She tries to let emotions flow through her. Daily emotions are the waves up on the surface and her deeper subsurface consciousness is calm and reassured.


Linda is embracing her social support system. She is volunteering with a group of women who support people who are dealing with challenges of all kinds. This feeds her soul immensely.


With regards to supporting the body, Linda sees health practitioners as needed and she eats right, supports her immune system, sleeps well, and exercises daily. Her medical follow-ups (carrion-embionic antigen (CEA) number) have improved and fallen form 6.2 to 2.5, with 3 being a normal reading. She has minimal cancer and the two tumors that are seen in her lower right lung don’t bother her, so she is not going to bother them with any harmful chemicals or radiation.


Huge engine check light

Linda thinks a cancer diagnosis is a like a huge Check Engine light coming on and then we have two choices: beat the dashboard to pieces (which harms the immune system) or lift the hood and check every component under there. Then make adjustments as we feel led to do.

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