Some cancer therapies and food supplements

Christer Sundqvist

We present some non-toxic therapies and dietary supplements, such as Tanya Harter Pierce explains in detail in her book. All of the described therapies have cured thousands of very ill cancer patients. These treatments can be combined with chemotherapy, but the physician must be informed, as the proportion of chemotherapy can (should!) be significantly reduced.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest Eastern therapies that has gained a steady foothold in Western medicine. In China, this treatment has been used for thousands of years. The effect is based on a stimulation of special acupuncture points with needles or fingers (acupressure). In a cancer patient, acupuncture helps reduce pain and stress. The skeptical attitude towards acupuncture has been exchanged for a quiet approval. An indication of this is the formation of the Finnish Acupuncture Association for Physicians already in 1975 ( ).

Budwig Protocol – therapy, linseed oil and cottage cheese.  The Budwig Protocol is based on Professor Otto Warburg’s cell research, which gave him the Nobel Prize in 1926. Common to almost all cancer cells is that they ferment glucose and in this way get their vitality while healthy cells get their energy by oxidizing glucose and proteins. A healthy cell is exposed to cancer when the cell’s oxygen supply stops. If the cell does not receive vital omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, oxygen deficiency occurs. The Budwig Protocol is based on the theory that the oxygen supply in the cells is increased by the fact that humans take omega-3 fatty acids. The treatment is based on special dietary recommendations, ie a mixture of flaxseed oil, cottage cheese and other dietary supplements. This treatment has yielded good results and works in home care. To succeed, it requires that you follow the diet to the letter. Thousands of patients with very severe cancer have been cured when following the Budwig Protocol treatment.

Burzynski’s antineoplaston therapy.  Doctor Burzynski’s method of treatment is considered one of the best methods of cancer care. The care is very expensive, but completely non-toxic and it has cured many, who suffer from cancer. It is especially suitable for those who have lymph node cancer or brain cancer. Especially children with brain tumors have benefited from this method. The Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas offers this therapy for patients with good finances as well as for individual subjects who meet the requirements of the conditions considered necessary by the clinic.  Cesium (Cs) should not be mixed with the radioactive isotope Cs, which is extremely toxic. Our healthy cells and cancer cells can be viable and divide when the pH is 6.5-7.5. Healthy cells have a pH of 7.35 and the cancer cells are much more acidic, ie their pH is lower. When cesium is taken orally (via the mouth), the pH of the cancer cells rises significantly and they die rapidly. Healthy cells cannot take up cesium because their pH is already high. Cesium therapy can be performed at home, but physicians should monitor this, especially if the patient has heart problems. The calcium and magnesium levels in the blood should be measured regularly.

Chiropractics is a therapy which addresses nerve-based disorders of the spine and joints. It is a holistic care method where you receive manipulative care by the therapist and get home with gymnastics and exercise tasks and get tips on different types of health-promoting measures. The chiropractor name is protected and chiropractors are monitored by the authority Valvira.

Essiac tea. ,  The active substance in Essiac tea is the herb mixture of the acid. Dr. Gary Glum from the Memorial Sloan-Kettinger Cancer Clinic has discovered that this herb contains effective anti-cancer agents. Dr. A. Brush, President JF Kennedy’s personal physician, investigated and exploited Essiac in his clinic and noted that the herb cures cancer effectively. This has happened for several decades for countless cancer patients. The therapy is available for patients in the United States, Canada and Europe.  Gerson therapy based on a radical vegetarian diet. Doctor Gerson has developed it. The care is to take countless servings of fruit and vegetable juices daily. In order for the liver not to be damaged (this is very common for a cancer patient), daily enema with coffee is performed for the patient, which is considered to strengthen the function of the liver. Gerson therapy has cured many very ill cancer patients.

Healing. In this form of care, energy is applied. However, not in such a way, as it is defined in physics and biochemistry. In the healing method, the energy is seen in the form of emotions and awareness. The patient is cared for through discussions and good energy is transmitted through the therapist’s hands. You touch the patient sensitively and touch the human psychophysical and spiritual side. Examples of healing methods are reiki and therapeutic touch. The therapist strives to balance the patient’s energy levels.

Healing Touch. Therapeutic touch (Healing touch) is a form of care in which the human energy level is treated and activated so that there is an ability to self-reinforce himself. It is a type of many healing methods.

Laetrile. ,  Laetrile is a pure form of vitamin B17, which is believed to help many cancer patients overcome their disease. The B17 vitamin molecular structure consists of two units of glucose, one unit of bentzaldehyde and one unit of cyanide. When B17 is absorbed by the cancer cell, it causes the cancer cell to disintegrate (a hormone is present here) and the cancer cell stops functioning. Healthy cells are not affected. It has been found that cancer does not occur in people who live in such areas of the earth where they consume plenty of food that contains vitamin B17. The inhabitants are inherently resilient and they become unusually old. Nature has provided these people with a natural presence of the anti-cancer B17 vitamin. There is plenty of this vitamin in nuts, seeds, berries and fruits, especially apricot seeds are rich in B17. Vitamin B17 vitamin can be advantageously taken together with Cesium therapy. Read also G. Edward Griffin’s book: World Without Cancer.

In lymphatic therapy the body fluids are set in a more vigorous movement. Swelling in the body disappears and debris is effectively removed. The cells take up oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. The lymphatic fluid flows better and this enhances the body’s immune system. The physician can prescribe lymphatic therapy for you and you can eventually get compensation for this within the framework of the health insurance.

Massage. Classic massage is a very old form of care. You treat with varying technology the body’s soft body parts (muscles and tendons). The massage moves the body fluids and increases metabolism. In addition, massage is relaxing.

Meditation. The many thousand-year-old mediation is a way to enhance your spiritual and mental strength. Mediation can achieve physical relaxation and mental balance. A modern version of mediation is the very popular mindfulness method (conscious presence).

Protocel  Protocel can be purchased in the Nordic region from the address: . Protocel affects the anaerobic properties of the cancer cell and lowers the electrical energy potential of all cells. Because the cancer cells have a lower energy potential than healthy cells in this context, they cannot cope with a further decrease and they die. Protocel is taken orally and care can take place at home. The care costs about 100 euros a month. Protocel has helped countless cancer patients who have been extremely ill.

Reiki. This is a form of care where energy is given by the reiki nurse to the patient in a healing and balancing manner. Within the complementary cancer care, it seems as if reiki would increase in popularity and the therapy is probably very effective. The pain goes off and yua are filled with energy in a holistic way. Care also balances emotional life and is relaxing.

Reflexology. This form of care means that you provide care through your feet and sometimes your entire body to activate the body’s ability to heal itself. Reflexology is quite similar to acupuncture.

Yoga is a physical and mental form of care where you increase your self-esteem and it is based on very old Indian philosophy. It seems to be especially suitable as a support for a cancer patient. Yoga is available in many different forms. In Finland, classical yoga forms of the raja and hatha type are applied.


We recommend that you turn to professional health care professionals and after careful consideration, choose the form of care that suits you best and follow exactly the advice you receive. There is more information in the books we mention on our pages. The practitioners also provide more information and ask you to familiarize yourself with additional sources of knowledge. Many care methods also require that you take different dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, in order for the care to be effective and not to cause damage to the body.

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