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The almighty cup of coffee! Coffee has been with us for a long time in cold mornings and dawns. The reasons are several: One of them is to increase our body temperature a bit, which generally does not happen, but it does warm our hands when we drink it from a jug, or when we […]

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The effect of bee venom (Apis mellifera) on breast cancer cells has been studied in Australia. Of particular interest was the effect of a key component of the toxin, melitin. The study found that the venom effectively killed various types of breast cancer. Quite a good effect of the venom was found on the aggressive […]

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Cancer is often causing a decline of life quality due to the pain and suffering it is causing. An increasing number of patients are turning to cannabis and cannabinoids for management of their cancer pain and other cancer-related symptoms. Canadians have legalized medical cannabis, which provides a treatment protocol lacking robust clinical evidence.   In […]

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EFE News Media Company in July 2019 claimed that scientists from Chile had found that vitamin C immortalizes cancer cells. This study was carried out by a group of highly qualified scientists and published in a reputable scientific journal. The news agency, however, reported the study in a way that did not capture its main […]

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It is important that cancer is detected early. Recently, researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering in the United States discovered that so called extracellular vesicles and particles can be used to identify cancer.   The method involves identifying new protein patterns in these extracellular vesicles. They can be used as a diagnostic […]

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A recent survey has been conducted to identify what is typical for cancer survivors. The authors inform that more than 2.1 million Canadian cancer survivors are alive today. This number is expected to grow in the coming years. Advances in science and treatments have changed the face of cancer survivorship and herald renewed hope for […]

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Bayer’s probably best-known drug, aspirin, has been found to be associated with a reduction in the risks of developing several cancers of the digestive tract. A large and probably the most comprehensive analysis to date of the link between aspirin and digestive tract cancers was published in the leading cancer journal Annals of Oncology in […]

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HEALING AND REIKI Reiki is the most widely used healing tradition and the one that can also be demonstrated to show scientifically measurable effects, because touching the patient provides stress reduction, relieves pain, and activates a well-being hormone, oxytocin.   Reiki is good to use for stress reduction and you don’t need intense belief in […]

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Visualization is a relaxation technique related to meditation. In the visualization you imagine being in an environment that increases your well-being. It differs from meditation by focusing on positive images to overcome negative emotions and to master your stress.   You sit or lie in a relaxed position and concentrate on breathing, just as you […]

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Psychosynthesis is a form of therapy with a focus on self-realization. It is also a doctrine of love that accepts us as we are and attracts what we can become, our potential.   The human being consists of the body, soul, emotion and the intellect. The different parts are in intimate interaction with each other. […]

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