Stop cancer growth by strengthening your immune system

Christer Sundqvist

Cancer is a very complicated disease and the prime cause of it as well as the prime treatment for it is not easy to find. Recently cancer research has very much focused on the role of the immune system and to find ways to strenghten the immune system.


Many researchers believe that the prime cause of cancer is a compromised immune system. Immune failure is causing cancer.


First of all, strenghtening of the immune system can be achieved by proper nutrition. It is the proper diet that will provide a long‐term cure for cancer, since the diet helps your body to build a strong immune system and balances the environment of your internal organs. You must do this in order to have longterm success in fighting cancer. Often people think they are cured of cancer when the tumor is gone. They might even revert to their old way of life, their old diet, their old vices, and the cancer returns. We want to point out that some internal condition allowed the cancer to grow initially, and if that internal condition returns, due to poor diet, then the cancer will also return.


It has been shown that flaxseed oil helps to stimulate the immune system and it is well tolerated by cancer patients. Other foods that help fight cancer are the following: clean water, apricots and their seeds, blueberries and many other berries, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, avocados, garlic, lemons, coconut oil, chlorella, spirulina, herbs, etc.


Vitamin C is required for our immune systems to generate and mobilize the leukocytes that fight cancer. Ty Bollinger writes in his book ”Cancer – Step ot of the Box, 2006”


”So, it appears that vitamin C not only strengthens the immune system, but it also preferentially kills cancer cells. This is fascinating. Preferential toxicity occurred in vitro in multiple tumor cell types. They also presented data suggesting that plasma concentrations of ascorbate required for killing tumor cells is achievable in humans. (Riordan NH, Riordan HD, Meng X, Li Y, Jackson JA. “Intravenous ascorbate as a tumor cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agent,” Medical Hypotheses, 1995).


And if that’s not enough reason to take vitamin C, then check this out: vitamin C assists with oxygen transport and is a powerful antioxidant. According to Dr. David Gregg, “Basically, the vitamin C is transported to the lungs in the blood where it is oxidized. It then is transported to the cells where it diffuses to the mitochondria and delivers its oxidation potential, powering the respiratory chain, and cycle repeats.”


Dr. Gregg theorizes that the primary effect of the large doses of vitamin C is to serve as an oxygen transport molecule in the blood, substituting for hemoglobin (which cannot provide oxygen to cancer cells). He recommends a combination of vitamin C and vitamin E, since vitamin C transports oxygen in the cytoplasm (water phase) and vitamin E carries oxygen through the cell walls (oil phase).”


Avoidance of toxins and eating as clean and fresh food as possible is a key factor in keeping your immune system in good shape. Maximum immune function is vital if we want the body to fend off cancer.


In integrative medicine a dominating idea is to avoid toxic food by all means (no more ultra-processed fast‐food!). Our colons become stuffed with toxins that are straining our immune systems. Therefore, first you should cleanse the colon, then the rest of the body and the blood. Not only must we cleanse, but we must re‐establish a strong immune system in the digestive tract with the proper friendly bacteria. Without this friendly flora being present, life as we know it would not exist. Most people have had the friendly bacteria in their digestive tract destroyed due to harsh chemicals, tap water, poor diet, antibiotics, and other toxins.


Get plenty of low-level exercise to strenghten your immune system. Too intensive exercise elevates the stress response and that is something you want to avoid. Research has shown that an excess of exercise can actually depress immune function. Long walks in the forests or near the seaside are preferable.


Finally, the recent clinical successes in immunotherapy have been astounding. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018 was awarded to researchers in the field of immunotherapy. Countless patients with varied tumor types have seen pronounced clinical response with immunotherapeutic intervention. However, there seems to be great individual variation in the response to the provided treatment. Read more about this here (excellent reviews!):


As technology has advanced, so has the understanding of the complexity and diversity of the immune context of the tumor microenvironment and its influence on response to therapy. It has been possible to identify different subclasses of immune environment that have an influence on tumor initiation and response and therapy; by parsing the unique classes and subclasses of tumor immune microenvironment that exist within a patient’s tumor, the ability to predict and guide immunotherapeutic responsiveness will improve, and new therapeutic targets will be revealed (Nature Medicine volume 24, pages 541–550, 2018)

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