Don’t fight cancer, live with it

Christer Sundqvist

Fitness coach Karita Aaltonen gives us an example on living with your brain cancer. It is such a small fellow aiding you in life.



Either Karita is totally confused or she has perhaps the strongest message ever to seriously ill and also physicians: You don’t have to fight cancer or any other serious illness. Cancer is not won. You live with cancer. Illness is only part of your life.


How often we have heard: The patient could not fight his illness, he died. Despite the best care he got.


When we consider Karita Aaltonen’s way of living with her serious illness, we may come to realize that this woman, who has experienced a lot of good things, is quite right. Looking at and reading the truth about cancer from many different angles we can only agree with Karita. Cancer is not overcome, it is lived with, and so can also be said through the death of another good friend. He too had a brain tumor, but he lived without a battle, rejoicing in the miracle of life to the end. These are the sources of inspiration we need.



Karita’s strong message is living in the moment. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps the onset of strange symptoms indicates that the tumor is still present. This does not bother Karita as she says she is radiant and healthy today. That’s enough.


Karita lives with that five centimeter tumor, even considers it a friend. She refuses to enter her diagnosis into the Google search engine and doesn’t want to read everything about her serious illness. She relies on her own intuition, her own inner voice, which in the best possible way guides her life in the right direction. She lets her mind calm down and tells herself what is needed for healing.



Intuition helped Karita to utilize complementary therapies alongside traditional medicine (surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy). Karita has made it a priority, even at the request of health-conscious doctors, that the best medical treatments go hand in hand with complementary treatments. For the best of the patient. Confrontation is so pointless!


It is not right for cancer patients to have to hide from the attending physician that in addition to well-established medical treatments, they are undergoing acupuncture treatment, they are using healing therapies, have been undergoing zone therapy, use yoga, they are eating particularly healthy foods and are taking some nutritional supplements. Because when these other treatments are revealed to the physician, he or she may even become angry and accuse his or her patient of being misled by treatments relying on faith. This is not the case, however, and the patient cares for himself or herself to the best of his or her abilities and, in support of formal care, supplements. Some leave official treatments completely, but Karita doesn’t encourage to do that. It is worthwhile to take the help of modern medicine while listening to your own intuition, because your body is wise and the effects of the treatments are so individual.



We make thousands of choices and decisions every day. Karita’s day includes at least the following choices: synthetic substances (eg cosmetics and cleaning chemicals) are replaced by pure natural substances, lots of deep breathing and fresh air, yoga or another calming routine, spending time with loved ones, eating as pure and organic food as possible, believing in healing and trusting the power of intuition, living in the very moment, thinking about our values.

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