Traditional cancer treatment

Christer Sundqvist

Cancer is the subject of intensive research and new therapies are constantly evolving. In this section, we focus on the traditional ways of treating cancer. If you are interested in complementary and integrative cancer treatments, you can find this information elsewhere on our website.

The goal of cancer treatment is to cure the patient and keep the cancer in control. Relapse of the cancer and its spread is prevented. The symptoms caused by the tumor are alleviated. Modern cancer treatment is in constant development and fine results have been achieved. However, the treatments can lead to a weakened immune system for the patient.

The exact type of cancer must be determined in order to be able to choose the right method for cancer treatment. The spread of the cancer in the body must also be investigated, since the treatment of spreading (metastatic cancer) and local cancer can be very different.



Cancer treatments follows a very individual pattern. What works in one person does not necessarily work for another. In traditional cancer care, it is important to use the clinically examined methods that have been tested and improved in many studies.

The underlying plan for the traditional treatment of cancer is to operate and / or irradiate cancer growth at the earliest possible stage. The ongoing development in pharmacy aims to create the worst possible conditions for growth of cancer.



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