Gerson therapy is a natural, holistic method emphasizing the importance of a nutritious diet for the treatment of cancer. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices form the core of the treatment. Adhering to the therapy is a strict organic-based vegetarian diet. You mainly eat fruits and vegetables, supplement the diet with vitamin and mineral supplements […]

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Enormous progress has been made in basic cancer research over the decades. Today, it is quite well known what abnormalities in the structure and function of a cancer cell differ from a normal cell. The aim is to take advantage of these differences in drug development and in favor of complementary therapies.   Observing cancer […]

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The almighty cup of coffee! Coffee has been with us for a long time in cold mornings and dawns. The reasons are several: One of them is to increase our body temperature a bit, which generally does not happen, but it does warm our hands when we drink it from a jug, or when we […]

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The effect of bee venom (Apis mellifera) on breast cancer cells has been studied in Australia. Of particular interest was the effect of a key component of the toxin, melitin. The study found that the venom effectively killed various types of breast cancer. Quite a good effect of the venom was found on the aggressive […]

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We have the much appreciated permission to deliver select cancer survival stories from the Radical Remission project to our readers. Radical remissions are rare, but give much hope to those living with a cancer. The site is operated by doctor Kelly Turner. Link:   Linda’s story In 2014, Linda received a phone call from […]

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