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At the age of 54, Caryn Murray was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (Stage 4 Appendix cancer) after she noticed signs of something being “off.” In pursuit of answers, Caryn went on a healing journey of combining conventional medical treatments with holistic healing. She is now cancer-free and sharing her experience with other people.


Stage 4 Appendix cancer is rare and usually found when looking for something else. Audrey Hepburn also had Appendix Cancer. After going through menopause and losing that extra weight women sometimes put on, Caryn knew something was off because her belly was huge like she was 6-7 months pregnant. She was opened and closed surgically and told she had cancer; it was extensive and everywhere.


She decided to combine the best that conventional medicine had to offer with proactive, holistic treatments as well. Approximately 15 pounds of tumors were removed surgically. Mucin also filled her belly area (hence the pregnant-looking belly), and samples were evaluated to determine the source of the cancer.


Next in the treatment plan was four rounds of chemotherapy in preparation for additional surgery. She also combined conventional medicine with many alternative healing modalities, along with incorporating all the 9 factors Dr. Turner notes in her book. She had a total of four surgeries, numerous healing sessions (Energy Touch, Healing Touch, Reiki, Lumalight by Spectrahue color/light Therapy, Music Therapy, Biomat Therapy, Vibrational Therapy with VibroAcoustics, medicinal acupuncture at Harvard Medical school) and faith healing (John of God and the Chimayo Sanctuary, NM), plus supportive prayer by many groups.


Bottom line, Caryn is a miracle her doctors are talking about! Her body is amazing and holds miraculous healing capabilities! She is blessed to be alive and cannot wait to help empower those currently on their own personal cancer journey. As of January 2019, Caryn remains well and thriving post-cancer diagnosis.


Source: https://radicalremission.com/cancer-free-since-2013-featured-healing-story/

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