The PESHLA method

Christer Sundqvist

The dying Finnish cancer patient, Antti Oinas, has through his own research work and with the help of experts developed a holistic cancer treatment that has kept his cancer under control. Read the description of the method and possibly use the lifestyle changes that may suit you.


Antti has given his method the name PESHLA. The name originates from the initial letters of the words in Finnish that best express the character of the method.


P as positivity

A positive outlook on life is important for the cancer patient. Perhaps PESHLA’s most important function is the emphasis on the positive side of life. Discussions with Antti have shown that in a serious illness, positivity, positive thinking and activities are of great importance. Antti believes that positivity can keep stress out. This is the basis for the findings of negativity causing the cells to fall victim more easily to serious disturbances and ultimately cancer. The most important thing about the PESHLA method is to make the conditions for cancer growth as poor as possible.


The cornerstone of a good holistic cancer treatment may be that you are happy and have a positive attitude towards life. When you feel happiness and satisfaction, the cells are capable of keeping you healthy, not to mention the importance of immune cells being able to do their best to keep the cancer away. So it’s wise to stop worrying (as hard as it is!) and look for joy and happiness in your life.


When you are positive, the connection between the soul and the body is possibly reinforced. The feeling of happiness, joy and laughter that fills you mind triggers a series of events in your system that relieves stress, for example, with changes in hormone secretion. The hormones give orders to repair damaged cells, improve the inflammatory condition and improve the condition of the intestines etc.


In order for the positivity to have a chance to do its healing work, it is necessary to turn off  the fight-or-flight response and replace it with a sense of acceptance and happiness. Antti has a strong view that negative thoughts poison the body making it possible that our recovery from a serious illness becomes incomplete.



E stands for the Finnish word emäksinen, which means basic (higher alkalinity). Alkalinity and cancer is a fascinating subject for research. Experience has shown the benefits of basicity in the treatment of cancer. Alkalinity provides benefits in the fight against cancer. It’s good not to be too sour. What the mechanism for this is, you still do not have a clear idea of, but here is our preliminary idea.


It is a very complex phenomenon and requires additional reflection, but one thing is certain: in most cases, it is advantageous to keep the tissues in an alkaline condition. Alkalinity also damages healthy tissues (the enzymes in the various reactions of the cells and the other functions of the cell require constant conditions to function optimally), but cancer cells are more vulnerable to this tendency towards the alkaline and this may possibly bring benefits in the fight against cancer. But we do not believe that alkaline foods as such provide the beneficial effect in cancer treatment. The effect of alkalinity on health comes mainly through another pathway, which we will now try to interpret. Read more and comment!

Our view is that alkaline food and drink work through the intestinal system and strengthen the immune system. The mechanism of action for this may be a more favorable growth of beneficial microbes promoted by alkalinity and/or maintenance of healthier bowel functions. This plays a very important role, because we know that over 70 percent of our immune cells are around our intestinal system. Effective intestinal immune system creates the conditions for a better functioning immune system throughout the body. The best possible immune system is important in our fight against cancer.

The acidity of our body is regulated primarily by the excretion of urine (via the kidneys) and breathing (change of breathing gases). This is textbook information that it is useless to argue against. But it’s not that simple. In a constructive way, we thus suggest that there is a direct effect of alkaline food right on the tissue level.

Cancer thrives in an acidic body. Antti drinks five times a day a mixture of half a liter of birch ash (pH about 13) mixed with the same amount of tomato juice. It is worth doing the birch mixture for yourself (expensive in the store). With baking powder you can get the same effect, but then you do not get the important trace elements.



Research has often shown that cancer gets its energy from the blood sugar, so an important measure is to keep glucose levels as low as possible. By minimizing the intake of sugar and carbohydrates, the worst possible conditions for cancer growth are created.


The best way to achieve this sugar-free diet is to follow a ketogenic diet. The PESHLA program also includes an antidiabetic drug (2 g metformin) to further lower blood sugar. This diet change (ketogen) is possibly the most important part of the PESHLA program and also one of the easiest to achieve.


Cancer is a metabolic disease. It is good to get to know eg. the Warburg effect. Most cancer cells are fermentation vessels that produce their energy from sugar and from its fermentation without oxygen. Normal cells run on oxygen and can use fat/ketones in addition to sugar to get their energy. In recent years, the Warburg effect has reappeared and medicines are being developed that affect the metabolism of the cancer cell. A central endeavor is to make cancer growth as unfavorable as possible.


Ketogenic diets have been used especially in the treatment of severe brain tumors. Besides reducing sugar, this diet also increases the amount of ketones (especially acetoacetate). Acetoacetate has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but normal cells are left untouched.



The Finnish word for oxygen is ”happi”. Many types of cancer seem to thrive better when there is scarcely oxygen. Hence one of the principles of the PESHLA method: It is important to create as oxygenated a state as possible in the body and its cells.


Antti Oinas and his friends use some ingenious ways to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. In the morning you drink ozonated water (1 liter) in an empty stomach. Ozonated water contains especially a lot of oxygen and at the same time the drinking water becomes cleaner. This water should be drunk immediately, as the oxygen content is constantly decreasing after production.


When the oxygen-rich water is taken in, the morning walk follows outdoors. This gives a very energetic feeling. It is the best moment for a cancer patient!


Another way to provide extra oxygen to the body is to mix a special oxygen powder with water. In addition, you can drink unsweetened lemon juice and after that chew a little cheese to stop the acid attack. This is how you protect your teeth.


Antti undergoes high-pressure oxygen treatments approximately every 3rd month and takes then 5 treatments to reduce the risk of lung metastases. The metastases do not like oxygen, but on the contrary they try to create as low an oxygen environment as possible. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy prevents malignant cancer growth.



The Finnish word for exercise begins with the letter L. Moving in nature is of great benefit to a cancer patient. First and foremost, all kinds of exercise strengthen the immune system and reduce stress. In the outdoor air, the oxygen concentration is higher and even during a short exercise session the oxygenation of the lungs increases. One should remember to breathe deeply which makes the ventilation of the lungs more effective.


You should exercise according to how much you can do. If you can’t manage to move so much, it is enough to walk slowly (or just stand or sit). Eventually, one can try to increase the time and speed of the outdoor activities. It is important that every now and then you step outside the anxious walls of home.


The forest has always been a sacred place for Finns, especially the old natural forests. There, while silently looking at the beauty of nature, the strenuous thoughts disappear and are replaced by inner peace, which also reduces the level of stress. There is nature everywhere in Finland – you have to use it!


In nature, evil disappears from the body and is replaced by positive things, which is hard to explain but you feel it inside. Antti Oinas says that he himself moves completely silently in nature, only the sounds, scents and nature’s atmosphere fill the innermost.


There are endless activities waiting for you in nature such as hiking, biking, orienteering, fishing, hunting (for those who find it convenient), rowing, canoeing, berry picking, skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, etc Everyone will find a suitable form of exercise.


Much research has been done on the importance of exercise for our health. The “sport or exercise or fitness” algorithm provides nearly 600,000 studies in PubMed. Studies have shown that exercise can be recommended regardless of the type of cancer you have. But further efforts are needed to further strengthen the message of the clinical trials. Much development has been done to integrate physical activity and rehabilitation services into cancer care.


Over the years, nature has served as our doctor. Why not use it now when we need it most? Come along, go out and take in the scenery!


A as antioxidants, other aids and methods

Now follows a huge amount of insider information for those who value health and especially those who have cancer.




An old health drink made by Tibetan monks

Strengthens the immune system and thus prevents diseases.


300 g garlic cloves

1 kg of organically grown lemons

1 liter of water

Put the garlic in the juice press, extract the juice and remove the dry matter. Then put the lemons with their shells in the juice press, collect the juice and about 1/3 of the dry substance. Boil the water and add the aforementioned juices and dry substances. Finish the mixture with a hand blender. When the mixture is almost boiling, pour it into a glass bottle and close the lid to allow the mixture to cool under vacuum. If your stomach does not tolerate the mixture (try small portions first!), you can dilute the power of the drink by boiling it a little longer (although the ingredients in the mixture suffer slightly from this boiling). The garlic smell disappears if you eat parsley and cardamom seeds after you swallowed the mixture.


A five generations old health drink by the Matilainen family

This has cured e.g. cancer.

Original recipe:

Boil a beverage of birch ash consisting of 1 cup of sifted birch ash and 1 liter of water (spring water is best). Boil and allow the liquid to cool overnight. Collect the clear liquid by filtering, for example, through a few filter bags (the remaining liquid is cloudy). The pH of the liquid is about 12.5. Boil the mixture with a large bunch of meadowsweet and twigs from creeping willow (possibly even the bark of common willow or sallow is ok). You can also add pieces of chaga. Mix the cooled liquid in a ratio of about 7 liters of birch ash mixture and 3 liters of dark liquid to lower the pH of the mixture to a drinkable level. About half a liter is suitable to consume daily. No medication should be taken at the same time. Take at least a half-hour break after medication.


Beetroot juice

In the morning and evening you can drink about 1.5 dl of juice made from organically grown beets, organically grown lemons and chopped celery. Drink immediately because the drink does not last long. The taste of beetroot is quickly dissipated, so it is good with the lemon flavor. Beetroot has traditionally been used for cancer in Central Europe.



The ketogenic diet can cause constipation, which can be corrected by eating psyllium. Psyllium gives no energy and it has no carbohydrates, but fills the gut well. Psyllium also removes sugar and toxins from the intestine. Not together with medication. You can use psyllium as a basic ingredient in pizza that would otherwise be too rich in carbohydrates. Sometimes it pays to fast and drink only water to empty the body of carbohydrates.


Budwig’s protocol

Grease-free grated cheese + flaxseed oil mashed with a hand mixer, add e.g. hemp seeds and other seeds, nuts and berries (eg oatmeal, cranberries, aronia berries, lingonberries, blueberries etc.). If you leave the hemp seeds overnight in water, the hemp seeds will be healthier (the seed will “wake up”, which increases the health effects of the sprouts).


Masu drink with lactic acid bacteria

This drink is filled with lactic acid bacteria and is produced by fermenting vegetables and berries. It is rich in probiotics and natural lactic acid bacteria. Available at health stores.


Ozonized water

Drink 1 liter of ozonated water in the morning on an empty stomach. Home ozonizers are available in specialty stores, such as SynerKi.


Eggs with shell

If you have skeletal cancer, you can strengthen your skeleton by eating 1 boiled organic egg with its shell daily. It is not difficult when you get used to it and the uncomfortable peeling of the egg falls away.



Produced by the larva of the silk butterfly. Provides protection against bacteria. It pays to obtain the strongest preparation: High Potency Serrapeptase 120,000 spu. Intake with ozonized water (on an empty stomach).



Propolis extract mixed with little water.



An exciting product! Sixty carbon atoms in oil. Possibly the easiest way to get is through the online store.


Other aids

In addition to the aforementioned, these aids are also taken: L-lysine, vitamin D, vitamin B12, alfalipoic acid, krill oil, apricot kernels, magnesium, aspirin pills, frankincense oil, powderized oxygen.


Help methods

These auxiliary methods and devices are in use by Antti Oinas in the PESHLA method.


Silvercrest juice press (Lidl, test winner, advantageous, 3-year guarantee, when beetroot juice is produced, the appliance can sometimes break). More expensive juice presses break down easily and do not produce as much juice. Only sold during the summer months.

Water Ozonator WOZ5, imported by SynerKi Oy.

Silver Pulser sp7 (SynerKi Oy), in use every now and then.

Apparatus for purifying water according to the osmosis principle. Screws into the tap.

Hand Blender

Electric coffee grinder for grinding seeds and kernels.



Antioxidants are most worthwhile when consumed through healthy food:


Plenty of green or white tea or hibiscus

Cabbage in all forms





Sour cherries

Cocoa, quite rarely as a delicacy, make sure the chocolate contains at least 80% cocoa


Red wine in small quantities

Nettle and the root of dandelion



Tomatoes for cooking


Ask if something is unclear.

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