Ozone therapy and cancer

Christer Sundqvist

I have taken some basic information from Ty Bollinger’s excellent book The Truth about Cancer (Hay House, 2016).


Ozone therapy refers to the process of administering ozone gas into your body to treat a disease or wound. Ozone is a special form of oxygen (O2) that contains an extra atom (O3). This extra atom breaks off from the other two after about 20 to 30 minutes inside the body and has some promising functions for a cancer patient beyond just oxygenating cells.


The extra oxygen molecules of O3’s are free to bind to everything they can, which is good for your health. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, molds, and cancer cells absolutely hate ozone, just like they hate oxygen.


In addition to going after microbial pathogens, ozone therapy also improves cell function. Ozone increases the rate of red blood cell glycolysis in the body, which in turn promotes a greater release of oxygen to cell tissue. When this happens, the energy production of cells get a boost as well, as does the production of important enzymes that act as free radical scavengers and cell wall protectors. Some people say they can feel this burst of energy after the therapy session.


Ozone has been found to stimulate the production of cytokines, which are important in health and disease, specifically in immune responses, inflammation, trauma, sepsis, cancer, and reproduction. Ozone manages to set off an effect of positive energy changes throughout the immune system, delivering more oxygen to cells so they can perform the metabolic and detoxifying functions for which they’re designed.


Ozone does all this without harming healthy cells! The defensive enzymes like superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase that are generated from ozone help protect healthy cells from being invaded and destroyed. Ozone’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are well documented.


Clinical trials

Clinical trials involving ozone therapy have shown that the treatment reduces oxidative stress in the body, boosts immunity and eradicates bacterial infections, all of which are directly associated with causing cancer. Ozone therapy is also used to treat chronic pain resulting from nerve injuries.


Read more about clinical research on ozone:


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Ozone therapy in practice

Ozone therapy can be administered in many ways: 1) Fluid saturated with ozone can be injected directly into the bloodstream, 2) A small amount of blood can be drawn from the body, saturated with ozone, and injected back into the body, 3) Ozonators can produce ozone-rich water, which is intaken in fairly large quantities and 4) Ozone saunas can be used.


Obviously the most invasive first two methods are not practical at home, because they involve needles and blood. However, ozone saunas and the use of ozonators, on the other hand, are by far the simplest and most home-friendly methods of getting ozone. According to Ty Bollinger ozone saunas are also the most effective!


In this special type of sauna the body is enveloped with warm, humid steam to open up the pores for ozone to enter through the skin into the bloodstream. Ozone sauna therapy exposes the entire body to ozone and an added benefit is the applying of heat to the body. Together, ozone therapy and hyperthermia penetrate deep within tissue to oxygenate the blood and cells, draw out toxins, and improve cellular function. Using the steam sauna with ozone allows the steam to surround the body and ozone can be introduced through the skin. Humid heat opens the pores, which allows the ozone through the skin to the bloodstream, where it can travel to the fat and lymph tissue. It is very important to cleanse the lymph tissue of toxins and the ozone/steam sauna is the easiest and best way to accomplish this.


The Finnish cancer survivor Antti Oinas has been pleased with his simple ozonator providing him with ozone-rich water. We strongly recommend ozone-rich water for cancer patients.


Ozone therapy is given in many different forms in Finland. You can contact Suomen otsoniterapia (https://www.otsoniterapia.fi/ ) for further details. Ozonators can be found in their web store as well as here: http://synerki.fi/

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