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Caring for your mental self

The mental health is a resource that helps with everyday life, temporary anxiety, sudden changes and losses. Care for the mental health when you have cancer is very important. Even your mental state can be a great resistance to recovery. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help. Going into different forms of psycho or conversation therapies requires courage. Few people know that the mental part of you influences your health almost as much as the biological and physical you. It


Healing and reiki

Reiki is the most widely used healing tradition and the one that can also be demonstrated to show scientifically measurable effects, because touching the patient provides stress reduction, relieves pain, and activates a well-being hormone, oxytocin.


Mental well-being and cancer

Your psychological well-being is very important in terms of cancer recovery. If you are depressed and/or stressed the cell’s respiration becomes inadequate and the chances of recovery decrease. It can therefore be worthwhile to invest heavily and selfishly in your own psychological well-being, to strive for a tranquil soul and to – in spite of everything – try to be at peace with life.


Symbol therapy

Symbol therapy is a collective name for understanding the nonverbal within us and in communicating with others. By working with, for example, dreams, painting, fairy tales and stories, symbolic frames, myths and dance, we get powerful tools to change our lives. When working with inner images you bravely step up paths in your inner unknown forest, making it more accessible.


Psychosynthesis and conversation therapy

Psychosynthesis is a form of therapy with a focus on self-realization. It is also a doctrine of love that accepts us as we are and attracts what we can become, our potential.