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What is cancer?

Every human body consists of billions of small cells. These form different tissues and organs such as skin, bone, blood, liver and many more. The cells in these organs have a variety of functions, the skin cells provide protection for the body, the blood cells transport nutrients and oxygen, the muscle cells enable movements and so on.


Surgical treatment of cancer

One of the most important cancer treatments is that the cancer is surgically removed (surgical treatment). Malignant tumors, such as cancerous growth and sarcoma, are traditionally treated primarily by surgery. This is done to prevent cancer growth. Often, some healthy tissue must also be removed around the cancer. This is done to prevent the spread of the tumor. Nowadays, attempts are made to remove as little healthy tissue as possible. For example, the goal is to operate breast cancer wi


Vitamin D and cancer

Vitamins are absolutely essential for the body's metabolism to function. The role of vitamins in the emergence of cancer has been studied very carefully. All vitamins are important but especially a deficiency of vitamin D can cause cancer to occur. It is therefore important to ensure that you get plenty of vitamin D daily (Sources: sun, fish, eggs, fungi, vitamin D fortified foods, dietary supplements). The most important thing is that the vitamins are taken in as natural a form as possibl


Dietary fats protect against breast cancer?

A major issue of dispute among researchers is how much the diet affects the onset of cancer. Are dietary fats causing breast cancer? Academic researchers and representatives of school medicine suspect that fatty foods increase the risk of breast cancer. The Cancer Foundation demands women to limit the intake of high-calorie foods that contain a lot of fat and/or sugar (such as sweets, fast foods and pastries) as well as sweet drinks such as soft drinks and juices. Our view is that fatty fo