This is bad for your health

In our experience many of the things we eat for pleasure can cause great harm for your health. We recommend that cancer patients do not worsen their chances of survival by poor nutrition.


All these are bad for your health



  • Refined sugars and most sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, saccharin etc.)

  • Most fast foods and highly processed foods (junk food)

  • Commercial breakfast cereals

  • Processed grain/flour products such as pasta, bread, baked goods

  • Vegetable oils and margarines

  • Deep-fried dishes due to overheated vegetable oils

  • All soy products except fermented soy (tempeh, miso, natto, soy sauce)

  • All instant meals such as Minute Rice, mashed potato flakes, puddings

  • White rice and wheat

  • Processed meat products such as most cold cuts, sausage and ham varieties

  • All ready-made salad dressings, BBQ sauces, catsup and similar products

  • Toxic food additives such as artificial food colors, smoke flavorings, propyl-gallate, carragenan, mononatriumglutamate, sodium nitrate

  • Most packaged or bottled commercial fruit juices, energy drinks and lemonade

  • GMO foods



  • French fries

  • Donuts, cinnamon buns, filled cakes

  • Potato chips

  • All candies, sweets, sugary products, ice cream, wheat based snacks

  • Cookies, crackers, pretzels

  • Commercial coffee drinks

  • You better make the right food choices. See the article ”This is good for your health”. It is one thing to learn about what you should eat and what you should not eat, and a a totally other story to have a sufficient measure of self-discipline and willingness to make some sacrifices. Discipline is an important step in the quest to stay healthy. A life filled with wrong food choices often leads to misery before it is cut way too short.

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Fight your cancer yourself!

Petrafoundation is based upon the principle of fighting cancer independently, utilizing Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Medicine. Our mission is to support you in your battle against cancer, and to give you hope by showing you alternative ways when conventional medicine cannot help you anymore. Our goal is to assist your fight against cancer, and encourage you to reach a life of improved quality. Perhaps we even can show you how to win your battle against cancer. We encourage you to by yourse

The Nordin method

Philosophy candidate Sven Erik Nordin, a patient with fatal cancer, still lives and is in good shape. Cancer just disappeared! Sven Erik has developed an original way to keep his cancer away. The Nordin method is a holistic cancer treatment that takes into account all aspects of health. It is especially interesting to see what Sven Erik eats every day to keep his immune system as strong as possible.

The PESHLA method

The dying Finnish cancer patient, Antti Oinas, has through his own research work and with the help of experts developed a holistic cancer treatment that has kept his cancer under control. Read the description of the method and possibly use the lifestyle changes that may suit you. Antti has given his method the name PESHLA. The name originates from the initial letters of the words in Finnish that best express the character of the method. P as positivity A positive outlook on life is impor