Healing and reiki

Healing and reiki

Reiki is the most widely used healing tradition and the one that can also be demonstrated to show scientifically measurable effects, because touching the patient provides stress reduction, relieves pain, and activates a well-being hormone, oxytocin.


Reiki is good to use for stress reduction and you don't need intense belief in some supernatural forces. The treatment is performed for about an hour when dressed on a treatment bench in a quiet environment.


This is how Anna-Lena Vikström writes about reiki: “When you give a reiki treatment, you put your hands in different positions to strengthen the life energy and activate the self-healing ability of man. You activate the immune system and the self-healing power from within! ”


The idea of living with reiki comes from Buddhism and means that life should be simple, to live in the present and to choose to see the harmonic around us instead of the other way around.


Reiki is based on the old Eastern philosophy of a life energy that flows through all living things. It is called in Japanese ”ki” and in Chinese ”chi”. There are different types of ki energy. Reiki is the kind of ki that maintains the harmony of the universe and restores the perfect harmony, where one activates reiki. The Ki energy then becomes reiki where one thinks of healing.


The Reiki method has existed in Finland since 1985.

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About the art of breathing right

Our breathing is easily influenced by stress and other emotions. We hold our breath when frightened and our breathing is often too shallow, high up in the thorax. Today breathing plays a pivotal role in stress research. It has been shown that humans can regulate their bodily functions themselves through breathing. Consciously breathing you can for example lower your blood pressure, slow your pulse and raise your body temperature.

Yoga works

For the cancer patient, stress is not good at all. It is worthwhile to obtain information on yoga. Yoga is a form of movement combined with breathing that has come to stay in the West. Yoga can be practiced by anyone and by people of all ages. The goal is not to learn to stand on your head and stretch yourself into impossible body movements. The goal is concentration, a form of concentration that one can also achieve at minimal movements, if carried out under total awareness here and now.

Vitamin D and cancer

Vitamins are absolutely essential for the body's metabolism to function. The role of vitamins in the emergence of cancer has been studied very carefully. All vitamins are important but especially a deficiency of vitamin D can cause cancer to occur. It is therefore important to ensure that you get plenty of vitamin D daily (Sources: sun, fish, eggs, fungi, vitamin D fortified foods, dietary supplements). The most important thing is that the vitamins are taken in as natural a form as possibl