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Petrafoundation is based upon the principle of fighting cancer independently, utilizing Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Medicine. Our mission is to support you in your battle against cancer, and to give you hope by showing you alternative ways when conventional medicine cannot help you anymore. Our goal is to assist your fight against cancer, and encourage you to reach a life of improved quality. Perhaps we even can show you how to win your battle against cancer. We encourage you to by yourself discover the natural healing power of your body.

Petrafoundation is a nonprofit organization.


We reach out to you who:


– have received the message that conventional cancer care is no longer helping you
– are recovering from a period of rough cancer treatment
– want to reinforce yourself
– want to find ways to supplement the conventional cancer treatment you are already receiving


A holistic and integrative way


We want to approach your situation in a holistic, all encompassing way and offer Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer -therapies and -solutions to support you PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

We want to point out how you can fight cancer yourself. It involves what you eat, how you care for your emotional well-being, how you exercise and live as free of toxicity as is possible in your immediate situation, and ultimately, we want to show which Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Therapies you may choose to engage in your life.

Everything we write is based on research and/or a high number of extensively successful track records from a long period of time.

We want to give you hope. There is hope!


We offer you links, tips and teaching


We offer links to topical websites on non-toxic cancer therapies online. We give you tips on books you can read, music you can listen to and movies you can see. We give you links to different forms of Non-Toxic Integrative Medicine Therapies, art therapy, psychotherapy and conversational therapy as well as symbolic therapy. We teach you to breathe in a healing manner and to meditate.

We give you facts pertaining to what cancer is, how it develops and spreads, and briefly describe how it is treated utilizing conventional and complementary cancer care.


Our Philosophy


Much of our philosophy is based on two books we are happy to recommend:

– Servan-Schreiber David
Anticancer : A New Way of Life
Penguin Books Ltd., 2008

– Harter Pierce Tanya
Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work
Thoughtworks Publishing, 2009


The fundamental principles of Integrative Medicine can be found in these excellent books:

– Micozzi Marc S
Complementary and integrative medicine in cancer care and prevention : foundations and evidence-based interventions
Springer Publishing Company, 2007

– Rakel David
Integrative Medicine
Elsevier, 2017

– Wisneski Leonard A & Anderson Lucy
The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine
CRC Press, 2009


We recommend the following YouTube video on the subject…

…As well as the CancerAction.Org and CancerTutor.Com websites.


We collaborate with the HealthCreation organization which represents holistic cancer treatment.

We recommend acquainting yourself with HealthCreation due to their comprehensive and applicable approach to fighting cancer and a very long experience from cancer care in the UK.

Once you’ve found something you believe in and want to try out, we suggest that you, together with your doctor, integrate your choices with the care you are currently receiving, so that this doesn’t interfere with your conventional medical treatment.

Please also consider acquainting yourself with CancerActive.Com and start outlining your action plan.

When you ultimately feel that you have reached a conclusion about Integrative Medicine Therapies, please consider a final check by investing some money in purchasing the “Moss Report” on your specific cancer and the corresponding Complementary and Alternative Medicine applicable for your kind of cancer, at CancerDecisions.Com. If The Moss Report supports your decision, then you are standing on a very firm ground.


What is Integrative Medicine?


Integrative medicine is complementary care used alongside conventional care. It combines the best of both types of care. Integrative medicine shows us how all organs and cells are not isolated systems but work together in an integrated fashion to maintain best possible health. According to Wisneski & Anderson (2009) many diseases such as cancer arise as a result of stressors that perturb homeostasis. Addressing these initial stressors is necessary for healing to occur. An integrative approach tends to open our minds to consider healing modalities often overlooked in the western medical establishment.

Micozzi (2007) shows that complementary and integrative medical modalities, with their promise of gentler, less invasive, “more natural” approaches, hold promise for cancer treatment, prevention, and control.

Cancer is a challenging area of medicine for the application of integrative medicine. The amount of misinformation often seems to exceed the amount of real clinical scientific information available. We intend to give our readers a positive view of this type of medical expertise without indulging into irresponsible claims.


Scientific studies


Over 7 000 scientific studies on integrative medicine and cancer are currently listed in the search database of the National Institutes of Health , and valuable information is found in Medline Plus

We are constantly keeping a watchful eye on recent studies in the area.


An important thing to consider!


We sometimes speak without deviation and perhaps sound fearsome, but our hope is that Petrafoundation will provide you with the information you need to understand what cancer is and how it can be fought through measures that are within your own reach.




The content presented on Petra Flander Foundation’s homepages is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only and does not replace any professional medical care and consultation. Therefore Petra Flander Foundation does not accept any liabilities that might arise from the use or misuse of the content on these pages. See “Disclaimer” for an extended text.

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Integrative cancer treatment

This section compiles information from several books and recent research articles on integrative cancer treatment. A comprehensive list of sources can be found at the bottom of the page. Integrative cancer treatment strives to improve cancer treatment by considering all dimensions of care: the physiological, the psychologically spiritual and the social aspects.

The Nordin method

Philosophy candidate Sven Erik Nordin, a patient with fatal cancer, still lives and is in good shape. Cancer just disappeared! Sven Erik has developed an original way to keep his cancer away. The Nordin method is a holistic cancer treatment that takes into account all aspects of health. It is especially interesting to see what Sven Erik eats every day to keep his immune system as strong as possible.

The PESHLA method

The dying Finnish cancer patient, Antti Oinas, has through his own research work and with the help of experts developed a holistic cancer treatment that has kept his cancer under control. Read the description of the method and possibly use the lifestyle changes that may suit you. Antti has given his method the name PESHLA. The name originates from the initial letters of the words in Finnish that best express the character of the method. P as positivity A positive outlook on life is impor